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Lecture Review|错过U盘发明者分享会现场?那就赶紧点进来看干货吧


日前,U盘发明者、 Grove ventures管理合伙人Dov Moran先生做客广东以色列理工学院,与师生们分享他发明U盘的经历和多年创业的心得体会。

Dov Moran先生以“一个幸运的梦想家”作为开场的自我介绍,直言自己梦想的实现离不开合适的成长环境。在他看来,以色列国土虽小,却蕴藏着巨大的投资机会。创新创业精神的传承,学术与商业创造性的融合,资本与政府的支持……都为他的个人发展提供了巨大的精神力量。

Dov Moran特别提到时机的重要性。他1955年出生,大学时期正是计算机进入大众视野的阶段。充满潜力的计算机领域急需吸纳人才,这使得童年时代便对技术十分感兴趣,并且在大学期间编程技能得到大幅提高的Dov Moran得以大展身手。1989年,那个从以色列理工学院毕业并决定"成立自己的公司"的男孩,果真成立了M-Systems,并且带领公司在18年的时间将收入增长到10亿美元,并于2006年底以16亿美元的价格卖给SanDisk公司(NSDQ:SNDK)。

Dov Moran表示,创业路上的不同阶段会有不同的经历。他曾因不懂创业的基本常识而受挫,也面临过如何完善提升初代产品的难题,并需要针对创业过程的得失做出选择……一路摸爬滚打,如今的Dov Moran成立了一家名为Grove Venture的风险投资公司。在他看来,成立这家公司是一个双赢的选择:通过为创业者提供资金和资源,帮助更多人获得成功,而这个过程对自己来说也是一种享受。

紧接着,Dov Moran毫无保留地与GTIIT师生分享他梦想成真的秘诀:











通过这次讲座,Dov Moran先生不仅与听众们分享了“成功背后不为人知的故事”,还给予正在探索技术与商业结合模式的广以师生许多建议。让我们一起期待,在不久的将来,能有更多让世界变得更美好的技术和产品在GTIIT诞生。

Recently, Mr. Dov Moran, the U disk inventor and the managing partner of Grove Ventures, visited GTIIT to share his story with GTIITers about USB flash disk and years of entrepreneurial experiences. 

Mr. Moran began his self-introduction with "I'm a lucky dreamer", saying that his dream would not become reality if he was not born in a good country. "Israel is a small country with huge investment opportunities," he said that the entrepreneurial spirit and DNA, creative fusion between academy and business, powerful VC community, and R&D government incentives are important factors for his personal growth.

Moreover, Mr. Moran noted the importance of timing. Born in 1955, he entered college at the time when computers came into public notice. The computer realm with large potential is urging talents. Moran had been interested in technology at his early age and his programming skills had improved dramatically in college. There is no doubt that this is an opportunity and good timing to show his hand. In 1989, the boy who graduated from the Technion and decided to "start up his own company" did start M-Systems. He led the company to grow its revenue to $1 billion in 18 years and it was sold to SanDisk (NSDQ: SNDK) for $1.6 billion at the end of 2006.

As for the startup and entrepreneurship, Mr. Moran said there are different experiences at distinct stages. In the beginning, he was frustrated due to lack of basic business knowledge, and was also faced with the problem of promoting the completion and improvement of  initial products. Later, he needed to make choices of either being focused or following others.  In 2015, he founded Grove Venture after years of efforts. "It's a win-win choice.  I do what I really like to do. We help companies that would be supported by the fund ," he said.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Moran also shared tips to achieve dreams:

Being stubborn and flexible

Entrepreneurs need to have clear goals and the determination to achieve their dreams regardless of everything. However, entrepreneurs should not head to the wall. They should learn to turn a corner and then turn back instead.

Be bold

I was the head of the microprocessor department in navy but later became an entrepreneur. Growing from a layman to an expert in business, I think the most important thing is to chase after dreams boldly. 

Make a better world

The ideal life is not being rich or comfortable. Try to impact the world and make the world better.

Learn from mistakes

The process of starting a business is not always easy and smooth. Mistakes and even the repetitions of mistakes give us the chances to improve ourselves.

People first

The most important thing is "People First". People oftern spend time researching technology and developing better marketing strategies, but they forget that the most important thing is always to put people first. Everything starts from people and end with people.

Through the lecture, Mr. Dov Moran not only shared with the audience his unknown story of success, but also gave many suggestions to GTIITers, who are exploring the combination of technology and business. Let's hope that in the near future, there will be more technologies and products to make the world a better place.




Text by Chen Ke

Photos by Zhang Hongrui, GTIIT News & Public Affairs

Edited by GTIIT News & Public Affairs

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